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Hello, I'm
Amanda Mouttaki

Writer and Food Lover


Education and Certifications

Strayer University

Masters of Business Administration: Project Management

University of Wisconsin

BA International Politics

World Food Association

Certified Culinary Travel Professional



Freelance Writing
I have written for blogs and publications on a variety of topics including;

  • Travel to/in Morocco
  • Moroccan social issues and news items
  • Religion
  • Parenting
  • Food – editorial and recipe development
  • General Travel


Owner and Publisher

I have published this website for over seven years. Exploring destinations (especially Morocco) to gain a better understanding of the people that call it home is always my aim. Culinary tourism is also a major theme that I enjoy exploring.
Marrakech Food Tours


Along with my husband Youssef, I run the company Marrakech Food Tours. We strive to share our city with visiting tourists by showcasing some of the best authentic food on guided walking tours.
Journey Beyond Travel

Managing Editor and Writer

Journey Beyond Travel is a Moroccan travel company. In my capacity as managing editor I create and curate content for social media channels and the main website. Working with the JBT team I help develop new ideas to enhance online presence. Editing and manage website copy, blog writing, and general content for social channels is also a major part of this position.
PR Brigade

Client Success Specialist and Copyeditor

While working with PR Brigade I provided support in a variety of ways including;

  • Working directly with clients to assess and meet their social media needs
  • Copyediting client material.
  • Conducting informational interviews.
  • Researching topics and presenting industry news to clients.
  • Hiring, training, and managing writers.
  • Formatting and publishing blog posts.
  • Maintaining content calendars for several clients.
  • Writing blog content.


Are you looking for great adventures near and far?

Do you have a travel bug that you just HAVE to scratch?

So do we!

Athens Greece Amanda and Youssef

That’s me Amanda (or MarocMama as I’m known online) and my husband Youssef or MarocBaba. We met in Marrakech, Morocco – his hometown and began our crazy life.  I’ve loved traveling for as long as I can remember.  My childhood was full of travels near and far and I made my first international trip at 16.  That was all it took to hook me for life!  We have two boys, Mikhail and Khalil and while most people might scale back travel with kids in tow, we want them to see the best the world has to offer!

M and K in Mexico


They are airport experts, can handle a 10+ hour car ride with ease, love taking trains and are always ready for an adventure.  Our travel isn’t all Disney World and cotton candy, no it’s quite the opposite.

We want our children to become citizens of the world.  

We believe they should be able to recognize the Eiffel Tower as easily as they could Mickey Mouse or a carnival ride. That they should jump into new situations that are outside of their comfort zone and not scoff when presented with foods other American kids would consider “weird”. That’s one big reason we left the United States and moved to Morocco!

al karouine mosque

We’re taking adventures all the time and we want to share them with other families and individuals who have the same dream as we do;

to erase the borders in our minds and maps that keep people apart.

Breaking down barriers

We believe that everyone in this world has something to offer.  Every culture and religion has value and is worth our understanding. Each person on this planet has worth simply because they are here.  Most importantly we believe that there is more in common between us than divides us.

The vatican

So whether you’re a family, a single person or a couple we hope you’ll enjoy our journey and join us on our ride!

Find out more

We’ve been traveling the world for as long as we can remember!

Traveling Babies

While we love culture we also take time to explore the natural world.

Running in Rural Morocco


As long as we’re on the go – we’re smiling (at least most of us!)

Andalucia Spain

While we try to travel as a family as often as possible, we also travel as a couple. (Kids need grandma time!)

Bike Riding in Marche

Sometimes, I set off on my own.

We love working with companies and destinations who offer experiences and products that are true to our global lifestyle. Whether you want to highlight your destination to a diverse audience through a press/ media trip, you’re looking for a freelance writer for your publication or website, or you’d like to book Amanda for a speaking engagement or event we’re happy to talk and see how we might work together!

 Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly to find out more.


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Amanda Mouttaki
Marrakech, Morocco

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